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The All-in-One Slow Jam Companions

After seeing how both of our All-in One Jam Books have been warmly welcomed by old-time musicians, we decided to combine our first two books (one for fiddle, one for banjo) into the All-in-One format. The result is All-in-One Celestial Slow Jam Companions - fiddle and banjo buddies now have twenty-one more tunes to learn and play together! Each book comes with two CDs, one with fiddle and guitar, the other with solo banjo, played at moderate speed As in our other All-in-One books, fiddle notation and banjo tab are on facing pages, each with guitar chords above the notation and tab. Play along with either CD, on any instrument. For a list of the tunes, click on the image of the Celestial Old Time Jam CD.






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