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TSUM - Tibetan Chants for the Happiness of All Beings


Tsum, a community in the remote Himalayan borderlands of Nepal, is considered to be a “Beyul”, or enchanted valley, in the Tibetan tradition. The Buddhist nuns of the Tsum Rachen Nunnery, situated in this magical place, are women who have devoted their lives to the contemplation of compassion and emptiness, and the chants on this CD embody their strong wish for the ultimate happiness of all sentient beings everywhere. Drawn from three different pujas, or meditations in sound (Guru Rincoche, Vajrayogini and Amitabha), the chants are unadorned and may sound raw and primitive on first listening. Repeated hearing reveals subtle ornamentation and pitch changes serving to help the listener become calm, reflective, and hopefully farther along the road to achieving what the HH the Dalai Lama calls “the good heart”.


Profits from this project go directly to the nuns of Tsum Rachen Nunnery.










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